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Accountability & Community

Accountability & Community


photo of Leah Steele Barnett sitting at a table with clients - Accurate Accountability Outpatient - Achieving your goalsOvercoming the social stigmas associated with addiction is a critical piece of maintaining sobriety. We take meticulous measures to ensure that our facilities, programs, and practitioners emanate warmth and instill each client with feelings of self-worth. At Accurate Accountability Outpatient we believe that each client deserves to be treated with dignity and respect whether they are submitting a sample for testing or meeting with a case manager.

Additionally, we make a commitment to our clients to maintain the highest levels of ethics, integrity, and impeccable business and laboratory practices so they can be assured of accurate testing protocol and precise reporting of progress to any and all requested parties. We understand the complexities of maintaining recovery and work with our clients to uphold and fulfill their personal contracts with themselves and loved ones.

Accurate Accountability Outpatient provides comprehensive recovery management services, including assessment and referral, accountability through drug testing, and case management. At Accurate Accountability Outpatient, we are committed to supporting you, or your loved one, in the journey toward finding a new and better way to live.


photo of five young adults smiling - accurate accountability outpatient offers drug testing and recovery management services - accountability and communityAccurate Accountability Outpatient is committed to providing the very best services available to assist you or your loved one in overcoming drug and alcohol dependence. Increasingly, qualitative and quantitative data indicate that those who participate in a continuum of care that includes residential, transitional, outpatient, and sober living programs are more successful at obtaining and maintaining long-term sobriety.

Statistics show that success rises dramatically when an individual participates in some form of transitional treatment services after successful completion of primary care; with a year of structure, social support, and accountability providing the most significant reduction of relapse rates. Enrolling in a recovery management services program with Accurate Accountability Outpatient protects the investment you have made in primary care, increases positive outcomes, and makes sustainable sobriety an achievable goal.